Is Instagram Ruining your Life?

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I find myself waking up most days saying “oh my gosh 20 people unfollowed me last night”. Not that this is an unusual occurence, 20 isn’t really that many to lose these days. It feels like an Instagram war out there, people at battle for the most likes, the quickest follower growth and the highest engagement. It makes it seem impossible to grow in such a competitive industry. However I’m only repeating what every other blogger on the planet says.

Ok so lets be real, we all know that Instagram isn’t what it used to be. Unless you’re a insta-celeb, growth pretty much moves at a snails pace. Followers go down more than up, and if you’re anything like me I take this as a personal offence. Why? Because Instagram is pretty much taking control of my life.

Lets start with the fact that we all spend hours upon hours taking hundreds of photos on shoots on our days off, only to post one half decent one where you don’t look utterly freezing while trying to avoid the cat calls of the local builders. Or the fact I have a test account where I post hundreds of different edits of the same half decent photo to fit with my ‘theme’. It seems ridiculous actually typing this out.

So here are your top tips from the Insta – addict herself on how to not let Instagram ruin your actual life.

How to not cry yourself to sleep because you didn’t reach a certain amount of likes last night

Here’s a biggie. Going back to taking everything as a personal offence, if waking up to see the only people who’ve liked your post is your second cousin and your mums old work collegue makes you want to go live under a rock, then same.

As much as I think it’s good to devote your time to something you love to do, there is a point where you need you turn off the gram and get back to the reality. Even if it’s reading a book for an hour to relax your brain before bed, it’s nice to come out of the virtual world for a while. Likes are not the be-all-and-end-all, if you’re happy with the content you’re producing then who gives a fuck if not everyone likes it.

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Change it up every now and again

It’s not all down to the app sometimes, posting the same style of photos gets repetitive and boring. No one wants to see 15 selfies of you a day even if your contour is on point. Get out and see different places, not only does it give your something to do, it will ultimitely take your mind off social media and make you feel a whole lot better. Plus you’ll have lots of exciting fresh content to post the next day.

Think of the bigger picture

If you look at your life and you’re only really getting upset and worried over Instagram then count yourself lucky. There are far bigger issues going in the world. Take this time to think about all the wonderful things you have in life, whether it being a roof over your head or money to buy those cute red knee high Zara boots you can’t stop thinking about. You’ve got it good girl, I promise.

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Don’t put the gram before the fam

Excuse the cheesy rhyme, but this is such an important issue to me. Flashback to Beckie a year ago, I’d find myself sat with my family scrolling down my instagram feed while everyone else spoke about that time Auntie Alison threw the christmas turkey in the bin. Don’t take time with your family for granted, appreciate your loved ones, they’re with your for the long haul. Your instagram followers aren’t.

Your @ is not you

Storytime: I once went on a tinder date and found myself talking about my instagram for a straight 20 minutes. As much as Instagram success is something to be proud of, don’t let yourself forget thats there’s more to you than just that. Talk about the books you love, those embarrasing stories from your childhood and the time you laughed so much you cried. Don’t be afraid to talk about the real you, behind the screen.

IMG_9838Instagram is wonderful in many ways, in terms of staying up to date with celebrity gossip as well as a potential career. Never lose yourself amongst the pixels.


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