Since turning 20 I feel like I’ve become a bit neurotic about skincare. At 8pm every night you’ll see me slapping on all sorts of ‘hero’ products in a bid to stop the signs of wrinkles. However, an important thing I’ve learn’t over the years is that it has to be GOOD skincare. I don’t like cutting corners when it comes to looking after my skin, and I hope to God that I’ll look back in 60 years and thank myself the excessive amount I’ve spent on this face.


This oil and water based makeup remover from Institut Estherderm takes of any and I mean ANY kind of makeup. Before I found this little gem, I had to use around 2 makeup wipes, 7 cotton pads and 3 different products just to ensure that all product was off my face. However worry to more guys and gals, this removes even the strongest of waterproof makeup.


I don’t know what I prefer with this gorgeous Rituals… body scrub, the smell or the packaging. I suffer with dry skin so a body scrub is a daily essential for me. It has a beautiful mixture of oils which help soften the skin in seconds, and it looks great on your bathroom shelf!


I love using a good face mask 1-2 times a week, there’s just something about sitting in your bath relaxing, watching Bridget Jones’ Diary (contemplating your life choices etc etc) in a face mask. This mask combines both exfoliation and mask treatment to remove dead cells and moisturise the skin. An absolute dream – get it here.


When I’m having dry spells (and by this I mean my face, thank you very much) this Hydra Milk from Institut Estherderm is a godsend. Hydrating the skin without the dreaded greasy skin backlash, it’s a beautiful and soothing  product to use after taking your makeup off.


I never used to be one for oils as I do tend to get quite a shiny face throughout the day, however this one from ‘The Hero Project’ is quite amazing. I received this in a Glossybox package a few months ago and since then I’ve re-purchased a couple of times and got my roommates onto it. If you want a good no-makeup day then this will quite literally be your ‘hero product’ from ‘The Hero Project’.

IMG_7889-2If the rose gold packaging isn’t enough to make you want to purchase this product right now let me tell you why. This serum is ideal for use when the seasons change, for use in 3 week periods it smooths the skin instantly whilst regenerating and strengthening the skin over time. This is the ideal product to stop wrinkles early – a BIG yes from me. Get it here.


If you haven’t noticed from my Instagram, I like mustard. Not the sauce though, couldn’t think of anything worse to be honest. But the colour… my oh my I like it, I like it a lot. Now that autumn is firmly upon us it’s time for a wardrobe update. I tend to wait until the end of September before raiding the likes of ZARA and Topshop, as I like to see the key colours of the season before dropping a mass of cash on clothes.


A new season means new opportunities to mix up your wardrobe. The girly summer florals are soon to go back into hibernation, and block colours are about to take over. Fishnet anything has been a massive trend this year, throw away the tights and opt for a top for a bold statement. Obviously make sure you’ve got a cute bra on (unlike mine, looks like Beckie didn’t pack properly for this shoot) and pair with a unique textured skirt or trousers. Top it off with a block colour jacket to bring the look to life and some large sunnies to protect from the last of the summer sun. I’m never without a pair of sunglasses, pesky UV rays can get through even the thickest clouds.

IMG_7348-2IMG_7412-2I know it can seem daunting pairing so many textures together, and trust me this time last year I would have run straight back to my cosy woolly jumpers and chelsea boots. But AW17 is the season of bold statements, bright colours and structured pieces. Take risks with your outfits, it’ll do wonders for your confidence.


Top  –Reserved

Jacket – Boohoo

Skirt – H&M



IMG_9841 copy

I find myself waking up most days saying “oh my gosh 20 people unfollowed me last night”. Not that this is an unusual occurence, 20 isn’t really that many to lose these days. It feels like an Instagram war out there, people at battle for the most likes, the quickest follower growth and the highest engagement. It makes it seem impossible to grow in such a competitive industry. However I’m only repeating what every other blogger on the planet says.

Ok so lets be real, we all know that Instagram isn’t what it used to be. Unless you’re a insta-celeb, growth pretty much moves at a snails pace. Followers go down more than up, and if you’re anything like me I take this as a personal offence. Why? Because Instagram is pretty much taking control of my life.

Lets start with the fact that we all spend hours upon hours taking hundreds of photos on shoots on our days off, only to post one half decent one where you don’t look utterly freezing while trying to avoid the cat calls of the local builders. Or the fact I have a test account where I post hundreds of different edits of the same half decent photo to fit with my ‘theme’. It seems ridiculous actually typing this out.

So here are your top tips from the Insta – addict herself on how to not let Instagram ruin your actual life.

How to not cry yourself to sleep because you didn’t reach a certain amount of likes last night

Here’s a biggie. Going back to taking everything as a personal offence, if waking up to see the only people who’ve liked your post is your second cousin and your mums old work collegue makes you want to go live under a rock, then same.

As much as I think it’s good to devote your time to something you love to do, there is a point where you need you turn off the gram and get back to the reality. Even if it’s reading a book for an hour to relax your brain before bed, it’s nice to come out of the virtual world for a while. Likes are not the be-all-and-end-all, if you’re happy with the content you’re producing then who gives a fuck if not everyone likes it.

IMG_9834 copy

Change it up every now and again

It’s not all down to the app sometimes, posting the same style of photos gets repetitive and boring. No one wants to see 15 selfies of you a day even if your contour is on point. Get out and see different places, not only does it give your something to do, it will ultimitely take your mind off social media and make you feel a whole lot better. Plus you’ll have lots of exciting fresh content to post the next day.

Think of the bigger picture

If you look at your life and you’re only really getting upset and worried over Instagram then count yourself lucky. There are far bigger issues going in the world. Take this time to think about all the wonderful things you have in life, whether it being a roof over your head or money to buy those cute red knee high Zara boots you can’t stop thinking about. You’ve got it good girl, I promise.

IMG_9831 copy

Don’t put the gram before the fam

Excuse the cheesy rhyme, but this is such an important issue to me. Flashback to Beckie a year ago, I’d find myself sat with my family scrolling down my instagram feed while everyone else spoke about that time Auntie Alison threw the christmas turkey in the bin. Don’t take time with your family for granted, appreciate your loved ones, they’re with your for the long haul. Your instagram followers aren’t.

Your @ is not you

Storytime: I once went on a tinder date and found myself talking about my instagram for a straight 20 minutes. As much as Instagram success is something to be proud of, don’t let yourself forget thats there’s more to you than just that. Talk about the books you love, those embarrasing stories from your childhood and the time you laughed so much you cried. Don’t be afraid to talk about the real you, behind the screen.

IMG_9838Instagram is wonderful in many ways, in terms of staying up to date with celebrity gossip as well as a potential career. Never lose yourself amongst the pixels.


Top  – Boux Avenue

Jacket – Maniere De Voir (Sold Out)

Jeans – Topshop

Boots – Ego














Spending the vast majority of my life surrounded by tractors, mud and many an lungful of O2 allowed my skin to become very comfortable with the carefree lifestyle of next to no skincare regime. So it’s safe to that my big move to the city really took its toll on my poor little face. And so with this new metropolitan and ‘Sex and the City- Esque’ lifestyle I’m still trying get my head around, there comes the need for some of that movie star skincare. Us city gals need some protection from the elements… I’m not talking about the UK’s current sunshine then thunderstorm fiasco, but more about those pesky manmade pollutants that find every possible way to cling to your skin. So here is my little guide to help battle that nasty bacteria and keep your skin glowing all day every day.

The Magic Masks

I don’t know about any of you but I definitely use face masks more than the suggested amount of 3 days per week. I’m a mask obsessive and I can’t go about my life without one. Below are my favourites that I cannot get enough of…

Peel Off Mask – JorgObé

I was really excited to get my hands on this little hero of a product by JorgObè. After reading countless amounts of good reviews I went to purchase it only to find out it want sold out everywhere. As a last resort I took a little trip to Selfridges in the hopes of trying to find it, and low and behold they had ONE left in stock. I genuinely can’t tell you how quick I ran up those escalators to snatch this off the shelf but I feel like I may have broken a world record by doing so. Anyway, enough about my desperation, onto the product. This was one of the original black face masks so I’ve been told, and even now is probably the best on the market. I’m going to be honest, I have some of the worst blocked pores ever. And I can’t tell you whether I felt disgust or amazement when peeling off this mask and seeing the amount of blackheads left on it. My skin has looked and felt so bloody smooth, definitely a magic product.

Pure Clay Purity Mask – L’Oreal Paris

I feel like every blogger/Youtuber has raved about these L’Oreal Clay masks and I’m not going to be any different. Originally I wanted to get my hands on the ‘glow’ mask however my nanny surprised me with this one quite recently saying that this mask has changed her skincare regime. We both share very similar skin types, so I trusted her opinion and I’m so glad she bought me this one as I feel like it really toned down the redness of my skin, which is perfect because I’ve been attempting to rock the no-makeup-makeup look recently.

Visible Difference – Elizabeth Arden

This peel off mask has been a favourite of mine for many years. However with the endless amount of new masks coming out I kind of forgot about it for a while. After seeing it in store recently I decided to try it again and I really don’t know what went through my head when I stopped. Not only does it smelly bloody amazing, it makes me feel like I’ve got the sin of Chrissy Tiegen. Being the most expensive of all the masks on this post, I wouldn’t say it is an essential in my skin regime but its definitely a nice treat to use every once in a while when my skin feels a a bit on the dull side.

City Protect InCellium Spray – Institut Esthederm

This handy product is THE ‘city girl’ handbag essential. Not only does it act as a finishing spray for your makeup, but also fights off any pollution from the minute you step outside and inhale the city fog to the moment you step foot back in your house. Institut Esthederm is a luxury skincare brand from France, I discovered the brand when working at an internship at the beginning of the year and ever since then I have been hooked on all their products. Also their packaging is a bloggers dream – totally instagrammable.

Intense Nutrition Lip Balm – Decléor

My lips get so dry this time of year, as the seasons change and the weather gets warmer my lips don’t know how to cope. Unlike everyone else my lips get chapped in summer not winter… I feel like I’ve tried every lip balm on the market by now and none of them seem to work as well at this little number from Decléor. I can put this on at night and wake up the next day and my lips feel revitalised. This product also lasts a lifetime it seems as a little really does go a long way, sometimes luxury skincare is the best way to go, especially when it comes to my lips.

Sensibio Range – Bioderma

I’m sure many of youhave heard of the brand Bioderma. They are famous for their incredible Micellar waters and skincare line.  I was lucky enough to try some of the products from the Sensibio range. This range targets those with sensitive skin, so all their products are very gentle towards the skin. As well as being super affordable, they work wonders on your face. You’ll definitely be having a good skin day when using these.

Aromessence Néroli Amara Oil Serum – Décleor

I haven’t actually used this product and I doubt I will. But I felt like I had to include it anyway purely because my name is on it and it’s quite possibly the cutest little addition to the dressing table as of yet. I intend on getting a normal version that I can actually bring myself to use and tell you all about it. But for now this ones sitting pretty in my room.

I hope I’ve given you my insight into some of the things that keep my skin protected from the big ol’ city of London. If you have any hero products you love then please leave them in the comments, as I’m always so excited to try out new things and recommendations.

Have fun in the sun babies!