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The photocopier will become your new best friend

You need to be prepared to get about 3 paper cuts a week from all the things you will get asked to scan and print on the daily. It’s handy to have a box of Disney princess plasters in your bag for when this happens.

You’re not always the coffee girl

Believe it or not, I didn’t get coffee once for anyone while interning. I was mentally preparing myself to carry 8 different coffee cups in one hand and more photocopies in the other. However people are more than happy to get their ‘Grande, Iced, Sugar-Free Vanilla Latte with Soy Milk’ themselves.. and thank god because I have the memory of a goldfish so they’d be getting some funny tasting coffees when I get back!

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Don’t bother getting your nails done

Seriously don’t. Your nails will be on fleek for approximately 43 seconds before some tape rips off the top coat and it all goes downhill from there. Save that £20 and go buy some nail strengthener because girl you’re gonna need it when you’re an intern.

It’s not a fashion show

Don’t let The Devil Wears Prada fool you, you may be working in fashion but if you want your nicest trousers to come out looking like they’re about 10 years old I’d stick to a pair of basic jeans and a t-shirt. You’re going to be moving about too much to be restricted by your skin tight bodysuit, let it loose haha!

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There’s a hierarchy and you’re at the bottom

This isn’t a bad thing in my opinion. I believe to get to the top you do have to start at the bottom. I think it makes you appreciate things more when you’re at the top of your game in a few years time, and I like the idea of looking back to see how far I’ve come. Call me crazy…

Get your walking shoes on 

Get ready to see your average steps a day triple. As an intern you will walk EVERYWHERE. I became very good friends with the ladies at the post office because of the amount of times I used to go a week. Trainers are your new best friend when you’re an intern. I tried the heeled boots thing and gave up after 2 days. Invest in a good pair of trainers and your won’t regret it.

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Bodysuit – In Love With Fashion

Skirt – Boohoo

Shoes – Boohoo

Jacket – Similar

Choker – Viramosh


Valentines 2017 6.jpgValentines 2017 5
Valentine’s is literally just round the corner and while some us may not be in relationships, it’s the best excuse to take that little trip to Victoria’s Secret and treat yourself for the day or have a night out with the girls (err.. hello ‘Galentines Day’)! After all it’s a day to share the love whether it’s with your boo or your besties.  Now lets crack open the prosecco! I hope you al
l hope you all have a beautiful Valentine’s day and get all the flowers and chocolate you deserve… Valentines 2017 3Valentines 2017 4


Dress – Quiz Clothing

Coat – Similar

Shoes – Boohoo