Missy Empire Dress 4Lets be real here, who genuinely thought I would be wearing an outfit like this anytime soon? Definitely not me. You guys know me well enough now that I like to stick to my typical ‘blogger’ style outfits, because thats just what I know and like. However I’ve been trying to branch out a little more with my style recently and wear pieces I wouldn’t ever have the balls to even go near normally. I mean, don’t get me wrong I’m not going to start wearing the most lavish outfits in the world because thats just not me, but slowly but surely you’ll be noticing some changes throughout the year (hopefully anyway). Ever since going to school I have this deep paranoia that wearing anything that would draw attention to me would automatically make people laugh at me and the idea of that makes me feel quite sick. I guess that’s what happens when you listen to your school bullies for years upon years. I’m not going to lie, looking back at some of my fashion ‘faux-pas’ makes me cringe entirely but lets be honest, anyone looking back at photos from 2009 isn’t exactly going to be ecstatic about their outfit choices… Thinking about how those comments made by the girls I went to school with still affect me now is crazy, and even when I first started my blog the nasty comments and indirects were rolling in. However I’ve come to learn how irrelevant those people are to my life and that I wish I could go back in time and tell little 15 year old Beckie that it’s only going up from here. A bad experience involving people you don’t even give a second thought about anymore can really stick with you and really bash your confidence down to the point when you’re questioning wearing an outfit in public for the fear of getting judged 4 years on. Obviously this is not the most daring looks in the world but for someone like me who usually sticks with the basics on a daily basis it’s definitely a look I was quite hesitant to wear. However, since shooting this outfit, I’ve realised those thoughts are completely irrational and people probably wouldn’t even bat an eyelid if they saw someone wearing this, I know for a fact I wouldn’t. In fact, I’d probably think they look great and ask where they bought it from.

So I guess what I’m trying to put across to you is that I’m making a conscious effort to not give a s*** about what people think of me, whether it be in general or my outfit choices. Everyone can wear whatever the hell they want because it makes them feel good, and what girl doesn’t want to step out the door not feeling like the hottest god damn thing on the planet haha! How boring would the world be if we all dressed the same anyway? Your style is an expression of who you are, and you gotta do you!Missy Empire Dress 2Missy Empire Dress 3


Jacket – Boohoo

Dress – Missy Empire

Belt – Missguided

Boots – Public Desire


Ted Baker JewelleryTed Baker Jewelleryy 3

I remember a time where I never used to buy jewellery and when I got dressed up for a night out it was never in my mind. However recently I’ve been getting a bit more into it, after receiving quite a few pieces as gifts over the years I now have quite the collection and I feel like I really should be wearing it a bit more. I feel like I’ve not really been much of a fan of the bits I currently have, so when I saw these pretty little rose gold pieces from Ted Baker I just totally fell in love. I especially love the ring (pictured above) with the 3 white pearls. I feel like the addition of a ring like this really transforms a look and makes you appear a little more put together in my opinion.

Ted Baker Jewelleryy 4Ted Baker Jewelleryy 5


Top – Zara 

Trousers – Missguided

Shoes – Boohoo

Bag – Kate Spade

All jewellery is Ted Baker SS17 Collection



It’s quite unbelievable that 2016 is almost over. Each year seems to feel quicker than the one before, and what a year this one has been. I feel like this is the year of mixed emotions, especially for me anyway. There has been a mass of professional and personal highs, muddled with the lows that create life’s crazy rollercoaster. I feel like instead of reflecting on this year as a whole, I would create a post of all my ‘Hit’ beauty items of 2016. At the start of this year I made a resolution to really take control of my skincare and the products that I put on my face. Also a lot of them are just too beautiful not to share with you.

2016 beauty faves 12


The Body Shop – Drops Of Youth Moisturiser I have been a lover of the Drops Of Youth range from The Body Shop for quite some time, however the one product I always repurchase is their ‘Youth Cream’. The formula feels so light on the skin, almost as if you hadn’t put it on at all. I also feel that you should start early to prevent wrinkles and your skin ageing which is why I’ve started now.

The Body Shop – Oils of Life Facial Oil I love to add a few drops of this oil into my beauty blender before I put on my foundation. I feel that my foundation goes on so much smoother and just gives my skin such a nice healthy looking glow.

Kiehl’s Super Multi Corrective Eye Opening Serum This was a fairly recent purchase of mine. I got this product mainly because I was working so much at the end of the year that my eyes were becoming so dry and my dark circles were growing on the daily. And my god, this is probably one of the BEST products I’ve ever used. My eyes feel so refreshed when I put this product on in the morning, and my dryness has completely vanished.

2016 beauty faves 11


Benefit – The POREfessional face primer The infamous Benefit primer, I cannot rave about this product enough. This product gives your skin almost an airbrushed look as soon as you place it on your skin. It also makes an amazing and smooth base for your foundation. I highly recommend purchasing this product.

2016 beauty faves 2


Clarins – Everlasting Foundation I’ve purchased a fair few foundations during the course of this year, however this one from Clarins has been my favourite so far. It has a matte finish which I really enjoy as it means I don’t have to add a load of powder onto it afterwards. This has a medium to full coverage so its perfect for us girls with slight discolouration or acne, however it doesn’t feel ‘cakey’ at all.

2016 beauty faves 8


Laura Mercier – Loose Setting Powder I love to set my foundation under my eyes with this translucent powder to prevent any under eye creasing. A little goes a long way with this one, so this has lasted me quite a while. This product lasts all day on my face and I cannot fault it.

2016 beauty faves 42016 beauty faves 52016 beauty faves 6

Highlight and Contour

Contouring and highlighting is my absolute favourite aspect of my makeup routine. I have a few products that I interchange from day to day. However I feel like I do have to mention my Laura Mercier Face Illuminator specifically as it is hands down the best highlighter I have ever used. It catches the light so beautifully and the packaging is gorgeous, I almost didn’t want to use it. There other products pictured are listed below:

Charlotte Tilbury – Filmstar Bronze and Glow

Benefit – Hoola Matte Bronzer

Kiko – Desert Dunes Trio Baked Blush

Charlotte Tilbury – Powder & Sculpt Brush

2016 beauty faves 10


Rimmel – London GlamEyes Professional Liquid Liner This is my all time favourite liner. No high end liner I’ve ever tried has ever been as good as this one by Rimmel. The liner stays put all day and doesn’t fade to grey at all however long I wear it.

2016 beauty faves 9Dior – Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara This waterproof mascara is incredible, it really does not budge in water at all. This mascara was my go-to product on my holiday’s I went on this year, although I still use it day to day now.

Benefit – Roller Lash Curling Mascara This is my everyday mascara, it has been up there on my favourite beauty products ever since it came out. I use this almost every single day without fail. Also can we take a moment to appreciate the amazing packaging, I loveee.

Dior – Diorshow Maximiser 3D Lash Primer I use this product under my mascara most days to add some extra volume to my lashes. I’m not a huge fan of false lashes (mainly because I haven’t a clue how to put them on) however I feel that I don’t need them when I combine this primer and mascara.

Mac – Upward Lash Mascara This mascara has a tiny little brush which is perfect for coating your lower lashes and inner corners. I love this nifty little mascara.

2016 beauty faves 1


Benefit – Brow Zings Eyebrow Shaping Kit This little kit contains a brow wax and powder. It is ideal for creating that perfect ‘Instagram’ brow look. This product is so easy to use and I have repurchased it many times during 2016 and I’m sure I will during the course of 2017 too.

Benefit – ka-BROW Eyebrow Shaping Gel When going for a more natural and fuller brow look, I like to use this product. It contains a tiny little brush which is perfect for adding little ‘hairs’ to my brows to thicken them up a bit.

Benefit – Gimme Brow Volumizing Eyebrow Gel This acts almost as a setting product after I’ve finished my brows. It adds a slight bit of colour and makes sure my brows stay in place all day. I really have enjoyed using this product throughout the year.

2016 beauty faves 3

Do you guys have any amazing products you’ve loved throughout the year? I would love to know! I wish you all a Happy New Year and I’ll see you in 2017.


Green jumper 2Green jumper 3With all the hustle and bustle of getting your loved ones the perfect gifts this festive time of year, it becomes very easy to forget to treat yourself. I live for the gasps and smiles of well received gifts. Buying gifts for those you care about is one of the most rewarding aspects of Christmas. Especially when it comes to giving back to those who have done so much for you over the years.

Life is stressful, thats a fact. I truly feel that sometimes, it’s important to remember ourselves in the equation of it all. In between ramming through the hundreds of people in and around the City trying to get into the shops to find the perfect gifts for the ones you love; you mustn’t forget about the one person that needs a little more tender loving care, yourself!

I’ve decided to accumulate a little ‘gift guide’ on the best ways to give yourself a little break as the whirlwind of the season takes it toll.


This could even be getting up that half and hour earlier in the morning, blowdrying and styling your hair or spending that extra ten minutes doing your makeup. I am so passionate about the way I present myself when I step out the door for the day. Planning my outfit the night before and dressing up really makes me feel great, and it’s such a treat.


Your mind and your body are so important that you need to give them some love more often. I mean you only get one of each, and they’ll let you know if you’re not taking care of them. I’m a nightmare for this one, nor am I perfect so I should definitely practice what I’m preaching however I feel that having a lack of sleep and general self love and care when you are spending so much of your time thinking about others at this time of year can be extremely harmful for your body. As these next few day on the run up to Christmas are going to be jam packed, it’s good to start planning what you’re going to do to get yourself back on top form.


Now this one is my favourite tip of them all. I’m a huge believer of treating yourself to things every now and then. We all work so hard all year so it’s nice to get a little Christmas gift for yourself.

Green jumper4Green jumper 5


Jumper –In Love With Fashion

Trousers – Sold Out (Similar Here)

Boots – Public Desire