The weather has been a bit rubbish recently, so I’ve had to drag my winter wardrobe out of hibernation and start wearing my big coats and jumpers all over again.

This jumper is from Maniere De Voir and despite it being cropped, the ribbed sleeves provide a lot of warmth so it’s kind of perfect if you want to look like you’re ready for spring, but in reality you’re still pretty cold most of the time…


To keep with the grey theme of the look I thought my Moonrock Yeezy’s would compliment the jumper well. I really was so lucky in getting a pair of these bad boys, and ever since I got my hands on them I haven’t really taken them off.

To finish the look off I sought out my trusty Joni jeans from Topshop. Being as short as I am, it’s an absolute nightmare trying to find jeans that don’t end up having 5 inches of fabric rolled up on my ankles. So the fact you can buy them with length and waist size is a life saver. Topshop is one hundred percent my go-to when buying jeans.

So I have this little problem and its kind of becoming a bigger problem; I’m running out of rooms in my house for all the candles I seem to keep spending unnecessary money on (whats a student loan for eh?). But now there’s no more room left and I’m having to store all my lovely smellies in cupboards back home as well as in my university room. Unfortunately candles are banned at my accommodation meaning my buying to burning ratio has become slightly off and I seem to have a back log of about 20 to get through until my next splurge. I decided to put together my top 5 candles in the hope you’ll love and obsess about them as much as I do.


Jo Malone – Blackberry & Bay £42.00

Scented Candle royalty Jo Malone produce some of the most beautiful and stunning scents that are available on the market. Unfortunately they do come with a pretty hefty price tag to match but in my opinion the scents and the lasting quality of the candles are so worth it! I especially love the little cream boxes tied up with black ribbon you get your products packaged up in. I like to burn this candle during a rainy day to remind me of the days where myself and my sister would go blackberry picking in the summer when we were younger.

The White Company – White Lavender £20.00

Lavender is one of those scents that really does help you drift off into a perfect nights sleep. I use this one when I’m finding the counting sheep method inefficient in order for me to fall asleep.


Jo Malone – Green Tomato Leaf £42.00

This candle is full of sunshine and tang, but that being said, it is calming and nonchalant. This fragrance will  have you relaxing anywhere whether its by the fireplace, in the kitchen, in your crisp morning sheets, or wherever you light it. Green Tomato Leaf is truly is a must have for any season, whether you burn it in the winter to reminisce over the summer days or in the summer for a kick start to your Sunday Morning Gardening.

Molton Brown – Mulberry and Thyme £36.00

After using and loving the Mulberry and Thyme hand wash from Molton Brown I decided to give the candle a go. This is certainly one to keep in a kitchen in my opinion the candle is very fresh due to the herbs that are infused into the candles scent (basil, thyme and mimosa). I like to burn this one whilst baking some kind of sweet treat or while cooking up a dish with my family.

The White Company – Wild Mint Candle £28.o0

An impulse purchase made when my mum and I were shopping in Brighton last year. The first thing that drew me to the candle was the white ceramic holder, which gives a soft glow as the candle burns down. This is a very fresh scent that works well in a bathroom due to the peppermint and spearmint with a touch of white tea.


Early in the morning on the 30th of March, myself and my family jetted off on another of our travels. Destination being: Rome, Italy. Following a slightly quicker than average breakfast (due to last minute packing from me), we were high above the fluffy clouds and green fields of grey old England and soon above the vineyards of sun drenched Italy.



On our arrival we were whisked away in a taxi (best thing about Rome: Wifi in the taxis!) in and around the cobbled streets of the city to our hotel, Boscolo Exedra Roma. It’s fair to say this was the nicest hotel I’ve ever stayed at. It oozed luxury and style, the best part being the beautiful smell you were greeted by every time you stepped through the doors.


This was definitely a city you explored on foot. From standing open mouthed at the sheer beauty and size of the Vatican City to breathlessly making it to the very top of Spanish Steps it felt like we uncovered every inch of outstanding architecture that Rome had to offer. However for me the site I was most looking forward to was of course the Coliseum. Nothing quite prepares you for the majesty of this structure. It really felt like you had travelled back to Roman times.


It truly felt like we had uncovered the whole of the city but I know I could have spent a lifetime exploring those beautiful places. You certainly don’t get buildings like this in Sussex, believe me I’ve looked!


I’m not a stranger to city breaks however Rome was one like no other. From the architecture to the food this city had it all. I will be returning again at some point in the future – I promise.