God knows what I’m going to write here after almost 2 months of not blogging. I’ve missed this immensely. When I’m sat here on my computer editing photos and then uploading them onto here is when I’m truly relaxed. The past couple of months have just been a whirlwind of university deadlines, job interviews, events, business meeting and everything else so blogging has really been the last thing on my mind. However I sat and thought to myself that this little corner of the internet that I’ve created is the reason for almost every opportunity I’ve been given in the past few months. It doesn’t seem right to just throw it aside. So here’s to actually being a decent blogger for once in my life… catch ya in a few days (probably anyway haha)


Top and Shorts  – Missy Empire

Shoes – Boohoo



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It’s March 31st, the final day on a month I really do not want reminisce over . I’m not one to post soppy and sad little blog posts but this has really been the only piece of writing I have been inspired to do for a few weeks now. This post is very difficult for me to write as I am not the best at expressing the way I feel, however here goes…

Let me just start by explaining that this post hasn’t been written to tell you the back story of 2017 so far or to explain how things got better, what I want to do, is reassure any of you that may also be going through a hard time, and that things really do get better. It may not feel like it now or even days, weeks, months or even years down the line but we all know the only way to heal your heart is time. You need to know in yourself that you can do it and that everything happens for a reason (I truly believe this) in order to come out the other side a much stronger person. The main problem I have been facing was/is the feeling of extreme loneliness. Don’t get me wrong I have THE most supportive friend unit I could ever ask for, but I’m one of those people that hates sitting and showing people my weakest side for fear of being ignored or told ‘you’re just having a bad day thats all’. For a while I did just believe that I would wake up and feel totally fine one morning, but with no-one to let my feelings out with all the thoughts in my head developed into these monsters (for lack of a better word) I couldn’t shake off. I guess what I’m trying to say is that in order to clear your mind, you need to start being open about how you feel. When I finally did open up to my closest friends I was shocked to find out they had also felt the same as me at one point in their lives. And because of this they knew how to support me on my down days and make the most of my up days.

I do plan elaborating on these thoughts when I can find a way to express my words in the correct manner, but for now I wanted to get some of it off my chest. Until then I plan on keeping busy with many new and exciting blog posts.. I have a good feeling about the rest of this year and I can’t wait to kick the first quarter in the backside!

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Jumper  – Boohoo

Skirt – Boohoo

Boots – Public Desire

Sunglasses – Topshop


Sheer Bodysuit 6Sheer Bodysuit 8

It’s finally spring, the evenings are lighter, skies are bluer, the heat of the sun is just starting to push through the winter clouds, and everyones mood is slightly higher.

This first quarter of the year has flown by so quickly, not that I’m complaining at all! I’m a sun baby through and through. But it seems crazy to be packing up my cable knit jumpers and fluffy socks already for spring. Every season I like to undertake a ‘style sort out’, basically meaning pulling my winter go-to’s out of my wardrobe and packing them away for when the frosty days are upon us again. Then unpacking my spring and summer pieces ready for the upcoming seasons. My wardrobe is just so tiny I cannot fit everything in, especially with my ever-growing addiction to buying clothes, so I have to do this every year. Sheer Bodysuit 7Sheer Bodysuit 2

I generally wait until all the fashion weeks are over to do this as I like to plan the trends for this new season. Not every trend will work for you, thats a given. But I like to see what pieces I already have in my existing wardrobe before splashing out on new clothes. The trend I am fully embracing right now is the ruffle trend, I am a sucker for beautifully tailored sleeves and they’re everywhere at the moment so I keep accumulating new additions for my wardrobe every week it seems!

This brings me on to my next point; sometimes you need to just let go of some of the items that haven’t seen the love they deserve in your wardrobe. And like I mentioned above, space is very much limited in mine so I really do have to be quite picky with what stays and what goes. Spring is a wonderful time to experiment with looks. One thing I am really going to try this season is to step out my comfort zone. I am especially going to attempt to add some colour to my spring palette that generally consists of pinks, whites and denim. Also to add some tailored pieces.. I really want to invest in a beautifully structured blazer. Sheer Bodysuit 4Sheer Bodysuit 9

My last piece of advice to you, is to restock the good stuff. By this I mean, a trusty pair of jeans, plain white shirts and some new sunglasses. I have a habit of losing the latter over  the winter period, so I always need to stock up on more styles ready for spring and summer.

What are your spring style organisation tips? Holla at your girl in the comments below, she needs all the help she can get haha!

Sheer Bodysuit 5Sheer Bodysuit 3


Bodysuit – Boohoo

Jeans – Topshop

Shoes – Boohoo

Jacket – Fear of God

Sunglasses – Aldo