pink coat 1pink coat 4pink coat 2I believe that every girl should have a statement item in her wardrobe. There is something about wearing such a staple coat that gives me confidence as soon as I step out the door. If you went back in time to this time last year I would have never even thought about wearing such an ‘out there’ coat. But I feel like this year has really taught me to not care about what people think anymore. I feel like writing this post so close to the end of the year means I can reflect on how far I’ve come as a person and I’m sure to those of you who are reading, you’ve probably noticed how much you’ve changed in just 365 short days. Now you’re probably sat there reading this thinking ‘Girl, are you really trying to tell us that wearing a pink coat has made you a different person?’. Of course not, but I feel like because of the changes that have happened during the year, I’m more confident in wearing one. But lets get back to the opening statement of this post, I do believe that each and every woman should own that one item in her wardrobe that makes her feel amazing, that one piece that never lets her down. And for me, it’s my bright pink very very long coat!pink coat 3pink coat 6


Coat – Missguided

Jumper – Boohoo

Skirt – Miss Pap

Shoes – Aldo


furry jacket 1furry jacket 2I wanted to keep this post short as sweet as I feel like I owe you an apology for not posting on here in what feels like decades ago. I can’t even remember last time I sat here on my laptop, snuggled on my sofa in my fluffy slippers writing a blog post. November and December have been a crazy whirlwind couple of months filled with university deadlines and countless hours of work. And as much as I tried to plan days to shoot, something seemed to get in the way, being the UK’s winter weather conditions or purely just being too tired to even move from my bed!

However during this time off I’ve definitely not stopped shopping whatsoever so I’ve managed to accumulate quite a large pile of different pieces and looks which I can’t wait to show you over the next few weeks, so don’t worry,  there’ll be plenty of posts coming up for you to have a peek at!

Thank you all for your continued support and there will be another post up in a few days, yay!

furry jacket 3furry jacket 4


Coat – Missguided (In-store exclusive)

Top – Missy Empire

Jeans – Topshop

Boots – Public Desire

Bag – Carvela



I’m not really feeling this transition from Autumn to Winter, and my body is totally not ready for that moment when I step out the door into the icy November mornings. So I’ve decided to compose a little list on how to survive this transitional season time…

Treat Yourself to a New Coat

I’m one of those people that has to get at least 3 new coats every season. My style changes so much from year to year that I feel like getting a new coat is essential during Autumn/ Winter. Although I’ve kind of accumulated a list of about 10 coats that I want to buy.. So its safe to say that I have quite a bit of saving to do. In my defence, I fully believe that braving the cold is so much more appealing (and a lot easier) when you’ve got a brand new coat to wear. So if you’re a bit like me then maybe treat yourself a little and get some of that winter morning motivation.

Don’t Hide from Berry Shades

Being as fair skinned as I am, wearing berry colours seems pretty daunting.. I used to think wearing them made me look even more pasty than I already am. But seeing as they’re everywhere throughout Autumn and Winter, you just have to embrace it. I started off with wearing deeper shades of clothing but I’ve recently bought my first berry lipstick shade which I absolutely LOVE (plus they make your teeth look so white).

Don’t Hide Yourself Away

During these frosty times its vital not to tuck yourself away with a cosy blanket for 3 months. I know it might seem like the most unappealing thing ever, but going out for a Winter morning walk is honestly one of my favourite things to do. I also like to get up early and head straight to the gym, as I feel a lot more motivated for the day ahead. There is plenty to do during the upcoming months, so I guarantee you’ll find something to do with yourself. So no excuses.

Start your Christmas Shopping


Christmas started a good month ago in stores, so I feel like I’m already totally behind on mine already (even though it’s only the beginning of November). Getting Christmas gifts can be a giant stress and very expensive time (especially when I start buying little gifts for myself.. not ideal). I find staggering your shopping helps manage your stress levels a little bit, and you have so much time to find those perfect gifts.

How to do survive your winter mornings?



Jumper – Boohoo

Skirt – Boohoo

Bag – Aldo

Shoes – Boohoo

Scarf – Boohoo



I’m currently trying to survive in a whirlwind of deadlines at the moment, so trying to find the time to blog and shoot outfits is proving to be very difficult. However when I received this beautiful off the shoulder satin dress in the most gorgeous wine combat from Whistle Candy, I had to show the world.

This dress gives me all kind of Christmas feels, and with it now being the 2nd of November I believe its totally acceptable to talk about the upcoming time of festivity.  I cannot stress how excited I am about the upcoming season, London goes all out at Christmas and I am so excited to be living here this time of the year.

I have a whole ‘Christmas 2016’ bucket list that I intend to get through before the end of December is upon us. This list is fairly large so I’m going to have to start now in order to get everything I want done. So look out for many an Instagram post on all the exciting things I will be doing!

What are you planning on doing this upcoming Christmas season?



Dress – Whistle Candy

Shoes – Topshop

 All imagery taken by Ryan Whitehouse on a Canon 750D



I’m a country girl at heart, and I’m in no way ashamed of that. I’m used to walking out my front door and being overpowered by the scent of manure, the struggle of being late due to being stuck behind a tractor for 95% of my journey and living in a village where everyone seems to know everyone.

When I moved to London I was very much a deer in headlights, I genuinely did not have a clue what an Oyster card was. I still have no idea where I’m going half the time, where’s cool for coffee or what zone I’m in. I’ve grown up in a tiny little village in the heart of West Sussex however living the city life was something I always dreamt about. The reality of city living is something very different to the Carrie Bradshaw life baby Beckie used to want…

I’ve come to realise that where I truly feel at home is when the open fire in my house is blazing, my little cat sat on my lap as I curl up on the sofa or the crisp autumnal walks in the local park.

London may not be my forever home. I have dreams of a house with original features with modern accents with an open fire and many, many pets… However for now, I’m perfectly  happy to slip into some snugglies and turn on my underfloor heating in my flat and head out into the crisp autumn air for a walk along the Thames to get more of that ‘countryside living’ feeling.



Top – Boohoo

Jeans – Topshop

Jacket  – Primark

Shoes – Boohoo